Mike Middleton

Minister of Music

Hi, my name is Mike Middleton. I am married to Barbara and have two children, Brad and Deanna. Brad is a graduate of Lee University and works as a math teacher and football coach. He is married to Chelsea Pickett and they have a son, Ryker. Deanna is also a graduate of Lee University with a masters degree in Education. Deanna is married to Randy Echols. They both are working in schools in Tennessee. Deanna is a middle school math teacher while Randy is a middle school counselor.

Barbara is a first grade teacher at Robertsdale Elementary School and actively assists me in the Music Ministry. She is the Orchestra Director as well as one of our keyboardists.

Music and Worship has always been a vital part of Loxley Church. Though the years the styles of music have changed but the importance of the music and singing has not. God has blessed Loxley with very talented and committed people who take the worship ministry very seriously and want to give God there best. As the church expands and grows there is always room for others who want to express their praise and worship playing instruments and singing to Him. Our three objectives for the music at LCoG are:

  1. To lead or assist the congregation in the worship of God.
    to utilize those with musical talent and skills to their fullest potential to worship God.
  2. That all this is done with sincere passion to glorify the One Who gave us this beautiful gift called music.
  3. God has blessed LCoG with some wonderful talent, however there is always room for others who wish to join us in lifting Him up with their musical talents and abilities.


If you are interested in serving with the Music Ministry please contact me through email.

God Bless,
Mike Middleton